4. He will not have submitted the bill by Monday. Mary never drinks coffee. (Negative), He plays cricket after school. If you're writing a formal document or an academic essay, it's best not to use contractions. (Negative), 23) They had been in the diamond industry since 1935. Affirmative To Negative Sentences Exercise With Answers: In the exercise below, there is an affirmative sentence provided; and its incomplete negative counterpart with three choices is also given. 9) Negative Sentences In Simple Future Form, Go through the following sentences in Simple Future Tense Form-, The above sentences can be easily converted into negative sentences by placing ‘not’ between auxiliary verb ‘will’ and the main verb-, The Negative counterparts of the above sentences are given below-. While you're considering clarity in your writing, consider using the active voice as well. (Positive), The guests _________ eaten the dinner. Let's explore some examples of negative sentences. It adds impact to your writing because, in these construct, the subject is carrying out the action of the verb. He has been studying in college since 2010. Note- The auxiliary verb and the main verb remain the same; irrespective of the subject. A negative sentence is a sentence that states that something is false. Note- The auxiliary verb- ‘would/will not be’ and the verb form remain same, irrespective of the subject. 6) Negative Sentences In Past Continuous Form, Let us first go through few sentences in Past continuous Form-, The structure formula for the above sentences is-, The negative forms of the above sentences are-, The structure/formula for Negative sentences In Past Continuous form is-. Note- Irrespective of the subject the auxiliary verb remains the same. 4. 7. (Positive), The kids ____________ playing since morning. Your sentences will benefit from improved clarity with positive statements. (Positive), We _________ leaving for New York tomorrow. There, the speaker might say something like, "She speaks French very well." Negative: Jennie has no money. 12. Imperative Sentence Note- If the subject is she, he, it or a singular noun then Auxiliary verb ‘has’ is used; and, if the subject is we, they, you, I or a plural noun then Auxiliary verb ‘has’ is used. Negative sentences are declarative statements. ‘No’ can be used as an adjective and as well as an adverb; depending on the sentences as explained below- 1) Use of ‘No’ as an Adjective Go through the below given sentences- 1. Few simple rules are to be followed for forming Negative sentences in Simple Present, i.e. It gives no better results. (Negative). (Negative), Answers- 1)a, 2)c, 3)b, 4)c, 5)a, 6)b, 7)c, 8)b’9)a, 10)c,11)b, 12)a, 13)c, 14)b, 15)c, 16)a, 17)b, 18)b, 19)a, 20)c, 21)b, 22)b, 23)a, 24)c, 25)b, 26)c, 27)a, 28)c, 29)b, 30)c, 31)b, 32)a, 33)b, 34)b, 35)a, 36)c, Sentence Try forming new positive sentences and negating them by using ‘No’ as an adverb and adjective. Past Continuous or Past Progressive Tense, My house is better than yours. She had been waiting for you since morning. They did not stop me at the gate. Subject + Auxiliary verb + Present Participle (1, Subject + will Not Be + ing form of verb + Object. With the subject "I" we use the auxilary verb "am" + not + verb -ing. I will be waiting for you in the classroom. We will understand it with the help of suitable examples. Why say something "is not purple" when we can be more specific and say it is blue? Verify your progress with the answers provided in the end. Why would you want to do this? I did not water the plants. Put the correct form of the verb do before not. (Negative), 17) She prepared fruit salad for the kids. 5. But, in grammar, negative sentences aren't necessarily a bad thing. Note- If the subject is –she, he, it or a singular noun, ‘has not been’ is used; and if the subject is we, they, I, you or a plural noun then ‘have not been is used’. Negative sentences | Grammar worksheet. 12. 3) Negative Sentences In Present Perfect Form, First go through the below sentences in Present Perfect Form-, Now go through the negatives of the above sentences given below-, The basic formula for Negative Present Perfect Sentences can thus be structured from the above examples-. (Positive), She will _____________ swimming for five years. 11) Negative Sentences In Future Perfect Form, Go through the below sentences in Future Perfect Form-, The structure/formula for converting the above sentences into their negative counterparts is-, The negative counterparts for the above sentences are-. The boy did not tell a lie. (Positive), I ___________ looking for him since last year. (Affirmative), My house is no better than yours. *Note the singular verbs, because ‘none’ is singular. 8) Negative Sentences In Past Perfect Continuous Form, Go through the following sentences in Past Perfect continuous Form-, The above sentences can be easily converted into Negative sentences easily by inserting ‘had not been’ as the auxiliary verb instead of had been; as shown in the structural formula below-, The negative forms of the above sentences are as given below-. I am not watch ing TV. Below we will go through some more affirmative sentences in simple Present and their Negative forms-, Sentences with subjects- he, she, it or a singular noun is to be negated by using ‘does not’-, Sentences with subjects- we, they, I, you or a plural noun is to be negated by using ‘do not’-. He does not go to school by bus. No one (or nobody, or none of the students) in my classstudies Latin. They watch movies. In these constructs, the subject is being acted upon by the verb and that can muddy the waters. The negative word no.. (Positive), They _________ singing merrily. (Negative), They play cricket after school. (Negative), 21) You were going to the office. How do we make a negative Present Continuous Tense sentence? A helping verb used with the negative word not.. 1) Negative Sentences in Simple Present From. In any of these constructs, it's possible to substitute "does not" with the contraction "doesn't." All this helps her to write in more informative way. (Negative). (Affirmative), They don’t play cricket after school. He does not like drinking coffee. (Positive), There are _________ apples in the basket. She did not like Bikhram yoga. 3. We have no big house. Sentence: Janetta does miss her mom. People are revolting against the atrocities. We will not be moving to our new house tomorrow. She writes regularly and always seeks for creativity and tries hard to polish her writing skills to make them glitter with the same shimmer that her name owns. He is not a teacher.. With one-word verb formations. (Negative), 32) They will be waiting for you. (Negative), 24) I had been looking for him since last year. It is therefore important that we first learn to convert Simple Present Positive sentences into negative. Note- Auxiliary verb and the Main verb remain same, irrespective of the subject. (Negative), 29) He will meet the principal in office tomorrow. They will not be joining us for dinner tonight. People are not revolting against the atrocities. 10) They cannot pursue their dreams this way. For example, "She does not speak Spanish." It gives better results. Note- ‘Had not been’ and the form of verb remains the same; irrespective of the subject. (Negative), We go to a movie every weekend. My mother makes delicious cakes. 3. (Positive), He is ________ going to the college. Sentence: I always go to the gym after work. Care must be taken to choose the base form of the Main verb while representing a negative sentence in Simple Present Form. I had been working on the problem for five days. There are certain words that have affirmative and negative versions. She will not have been cooking the meal for two years. (Negative), 9) I have completed my home work. They will not have been living in the city for past ten years. We will not have been listening to the same song since morning. There are many shorter abbreviations for a ‘not’ with an auxiliary verb. [A]:AFFIRMATIVE, [N]:NEGATIVE 6. (Positive), She ____________ fruit salad for the kids. We had not intervened to settle the matter. She would not have completed her house work. It did not rain yesterday. (Positive), 31) She will be cooking dinner. Negative sentence examples include statements of things that are false. Nobody likes a "Negative Nancy." In these grammar worksheets, students read sentences and are asked to write the negative form of each sentence, making use of contractions. (Negative), Her grades are more than his. I am not a thief. (Positive), I have not been _________ on the project since 2015. 8. Note- ‘will not have been’ and the verb form remains the same; irrespective of the Subject.

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