Bluebird houses are quite simple, with a small entrance hole and large roof for extra protection. Rather than the Blackbird nesting in a confined wooden bird box, the open front is far larger, while opening up around the sides. RSPB bird houses and nest boxes are made from sustainable, durable FSC timber, so they're safe for birds and have good insulation properties, making them warm in winter and cool in summer. We carefully design our bird houses to have the right dimensions and ventilation that birds need , and we only use non-toxic preservatives. We carefully design our bird houses to have the right dimensions and ventilation that birds need , and we only use non-toxic preservatives. So make it a multi-use bird box to attract a Nuthatch to nest, but its also possible any bird species would nest as the entrance hole allows for most to fit. Instead the Robin bird box requires an entrance hole that is large and rectangular, or more into a square shape if that's what you have, depending on the manufacturer. Well bare in mind both owls require a box that is designed very differently, but the Dove won't mind so much as to take up a box that is for use by a resident owl. For example, the best location for a bluebird house is an area facing or surrounded by open fields, where the insects they eat and feed to their young are plentiful. You're unlikely to have a Jackdaw nest in a busy urban garden as it would rather take to one deep in the woodlands, or at least a wooded garden nearby. Swallow handmade nest boxes replicate what they will build in the wild as a kind of half dish, half bowl shape. Other options New from £8.41. If you require a Barn Owl nest box, make it one with panel to access the interior for cleaning out when not in use. If possible the Marsh Tit might be safer in a box that has an entrance hole that is smaller; say 22 to 23mm with no perch. So that's why you should setup a box for a Pied, with an all purpose nesting box making do with a larger entrance hole. Its quite possible a Spotted Flycatcher would be happy to take to a bird box with a small rounded entrance hole, or a box designed for a Wren. With box options for larger birds that frequent the woods rather than busy urban areas; Owls, Kestrel, Nuthatch, Stock Dove and Woodpeckers likely to take to a box. By that we mean multiple bird boxes lined up side-by-side, or a single box with up to three compartment. 2 X WOODEN NESTING NEST BOX BIRD HOUSE SMALL BIRDS BLUE TIT ROBIN SPARROW. FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon. If you get a Swift come down to nest in your bird box, firstly consider yourself one of the lucky ones as its tough to get them to nest, but they will given the chance. Best Bird Boxes for Different Species. With an entrance hole that measures 45mm, the Woodpecker will take to a bird box if its only setup in a tree, in the woods only. Each bird species has different habitat requirements, and this includes the environment they’ll choose for nesting. What birds use bird boxes. Below this FAQ we’ve also got a guide to the different types of nestboxes that you might want to consider for your garden, as well as links to where you can buy them from our shop. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. 1-5m in height with a clear flight path. Note that you'll never get a Robin to nest in a bird box with a standard round entrance hole, with anything from 25mm all the way up to 45mm hole not suitable. Fairly large bird so one that needs a larger bird box with a corresponding entrance hole. Its a long box that reaches further than arms length, so you need an access point for cleaning. Bird Boxes. Well most birds will nest in a box setup in the garden, there's also the birds that will only take to boxes setup in a tree, preferably in a wooded area. We think you'd have to agree we're all not short of a seeing Starlings out and about as we go about our daily lives. The Wren will take to a bird box that is actually designed for Robins, with a rectangular entrance hole with a fairly large gap overall. There are bird boxes for use with a Pied Wagtail available you just need to seek out specialist builders. This only relates to garden with trees or near a wooded area, rather than those houses further into the suburbs or busy areas. If you're regularly visited by Tits, the Great is less likely to nest over others. A great way to help birds at this time of year is to put up nest boxes, where birds can raise a clutch of young come the spring. 4.6 out of 5 stars 202. Only this box would be setup on a tree in the garden or deeper into the woodlands. Single boxes can be used but there's an option to double up with two boxes, as House Martins do like to nest nearby. Bluebirds’ boxes are commonly taken over by other small birds like House Sparrows, and because their population is declining, it is important to include a cone-shaped predator baffle and monitor the activity around the nest box.

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