Rob serves as Principal at South Park Elementary Center outside of Pittsburgh, PA, and has become a sought-after leader in topics surrounding the field of education today. Shannon Holden, Principal at Pierce City High School in Missouri, is the TechTools for the Classroom, Teacher HELP!, and Principal Leadership edWebinar and community host. Once again tying back to positive school culture, if students are feeling positive about coming to school and know that people care about them, they seem to want to perform. In May 2019, 150 principals from across the country participated in an edWeb survey on the topics, challenges, and accomplishments they experienced this year as the educational leaders in their buildings. Rob is also a contributing blogger for The Huffington Post as well as the Ed Tech Review. This article was modified and published by eSchool News. Time constraints and lack of funding are obstacles for building principals when trying to manage a building, supervising staff, and leading the school and district vision. Such a system of education is actually capable of mapping competencies and attributes of the students in such a way that learning outcomes can be improved. edWeb helps educators share innovative ideas to improve teaching and learning. Further, he has received several prestigious awards, such as being named in the National School Board Association’s “20 To Watch” in technology education and a Pittsburgh Tribune Review News Maker of the year. They would help you create learning plans that are personalized in nature. Many students come to school having experienced trauma in their lives, and this trauma presents itself as self-harm, violence towards others, and depression/anxiety. Rob is the author of several books including Reading, Technology, and Digital Literacy and the ISTE bestselling title Are You Future Ready. This way, you can ensure that the students would be successful as well. On the basis of this evaluation and feedback score, you can create an action plan for improvement and training. Having time and enough staff is critical to effectively encourage and coach teachers to do the initiatives principals want to do with fidelity. One of the basic problems that you would face in your role is recruiting teachers who are competent enough to do the work in various classes. You need to understand the simple fact that teachers are pretty vulnerable themselves as well. Balancing learning while maintaining support from the staff is a struggle when principals deal with the traditional ways “things” are done while trying to make much-needed changes. For this, you can use tools such as attendance trackers that function on technology like, Reports on How Various Departments are Performing, All of these tasks you can easily manage using one and only Fedena School Management Software. A special report titled "Principals Under Pressure" details six top challenges principals shared in a survey: managing work-life balance; meeting students' mental health needs; addressing toxic employees; supporting special education services; being creative in retaining teachers; openly communicating about safety and security protocols This way, students can also develop the skills and capabilities that are needed for them in order to produce the kind of results that are expected from them. One of your biggest areas of responsibility – as well as a major challenge – is definitely influencing the performance of the students. By increasing the effectiveness of student voice and talking with individual students to get them to “see the light,” school leaders have witnessed students turning their academic failure into academic achievement. We respect your privacy. Dr. L. Robert Furman is an educator, leader, principal, student, speaker, and published author. It is important to remember to keep the school environment upbeat and positive by giving changes time to be implemented and be strong enough to recognize when something is not working and get it off the table. Principals of schools must address the biggest challenges so students can learn better. It helps in improving their educational performance as well. As the head of the school, you are always accountable about the achievements of your students especially in the domain of academics. This is where technology such as curriculum mapping software can give you the tools that you need to carry out changes to the way you have designed your syllabus and curriculum. As a former teacher and now administrator, Dr. For this, you need to use academic planning tools that are cutting edge. Focusing on the mental wellbeing of students provides a supportive environment that has seen higher graduation rates, increased engagement, and less mental health issues for students. Paperwork is one of the biggest areas of frustration for modern day principals. There is discipline over there and of the sophisticated kind, it may be added as well. This way, you can check what students are doing on a real-time basis. Be the first to rate this post. They are always finding it hard to create a bridge between learning contexts and assessments & instructions. Shannon served as an assistant principal for 20 years in Texas and Missouri, has taught high school history and math, and was an online instructor at the university level. One of the major problems that you face from students is the lack of discipline, something that is reflected the best in things such as absenteeism. 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