Create an account. Or at think about and be fully aware of their actions and the impacts before going to the Donohue Sea Caves. Many people view the area around the sea caves as only nature, some may even believe that the sea caves become a part of culture when human step foot into a natural, undeveloped area. And even when I am there, I am only walking around and taking pictures. And how the hell did I not know they were there for my first 4 years of living right next door to them! report; all 13 comments. The social construction of the Donohue Sea Caves makes humans think that this parcel of land is separate and unaffected by the actions of humans just because there aren’t any buildings physically on the plot. I frequently pass it on rides around town and realize, dang, I need to stop and find out what's down there. 13 comments; share; save; hide. It was not only a beautiful day, but I felt especially calmed by walking around my spot. Intersection between “nature” and “culture”. As “temporary citizen”, a potential action some of my classmates and I could take would be to try to arrange for signs to be put up about leaving no trace. top new controversial old random q&a live (beta) Want to add to the discussion? The way we see nature is shaped by our culture, and our culture is shaped by the nature around us. The sea caves, that granted this park its name, are made up of dolomite and limestone. However, it is a relatively small space and some parts of it are hard to access. However, based on the condition of the Sea Caves, I would say that the land is well respected. Personally, I see the caves as a place of solitude, where someone can choose to only have the company of their thoughts, the plants, and the wildlife. The pond’s water level seems a little bit higher because of all the rain we have been receiving. This creates the idea that the land is a pocket of  “nature” that can not be found just any where in the city of Burlington. Nipperkid 5 points 6 points 7 points 5 months ago . Walked out about halfway on the ice but turned back since I didn’t have cramps, any of my other gear, and it’s 40°. Ever day people pass through it as a place to relax, reflect, and appreciate. By now all of the leaves on the trees have come off except for the white pines and hemlock trees. The sea caves are a beautiful place for species to live and a great spot for humans to relax. The only tricky part is lacing up your skates while kneeling or sitting on the ground. If a new building were to be constructed where the sea caves are, it would destroy any animal habitat and completely change the landscape. Instead there should be no intervention of the markets to allow market based solutions, such as green taxes and green certification, to shape a good future for the caves. Without the leaves on the trees, it was once again difficult for me to identify the plant species. sorted by: best . There would need to be a change in values so that people could regulate themselves and rely on their own moral compass, rather than needing someone to tell them what is right and wrong. The Donahue Sea Caves are located in Burlington, VT across the street from Burlington High School. There could also be signs about staying on the trail. As far as preservation vs conservation, I would say that there is more of an argument for conservation because the land has clearly been regulated for human benefit. I'm glad he made the decision. I would say that the foot path is a testament to the ethical assumption that humans have the right to walk through a ecosystem without any reserve, even if it is disrupting an organism’s habitat. Its formation is debated to be the result of either the waves from the Champlain Sea or glacial movement. Park at Burlington Highschool, head away from the lake and go to the right! The local residents can protect the Sea Caves from further development and preserve the history behind this natural area. I am excited for my next visit! The  sea caves are right near Burlington High School and everyday the caves and the school are influencing each other. There are definitely patches of thin ice about, though, as my kid fell through one such spot today (he's fine! This tells me the soil at the two spots I chose are completely different from each other. For example, the pond is meant to catch any runoff from the nearby highway. In fact, it’s the only time you will be able to see the actual cave as you must cross the ice on the frozen pond to get to the entrance. I have really enjoyed this phenology assignment because it allowed me to explore different parts of the city I’m from and the city I live in now. Désactivez le bloqueur de publicités pour voir la carte de cette randonnée, Indian Brook Reservoir [PROPRIÉTÉ PRIVÉE], Ely Universal Access, Sunset Ridge, and Lone Rock Point Trail Loop, Shelburne Farms to Lone Tree Hill Loop [PROPRIÉTÉ PRIVÉE]. From the limits perspective the plot of land is too small for it to sustain that much daily use from the surrounding population, which would only increase with more development. Donahue Sea Caves Located off of North Avenue in Burlington, across from the Burlington High School, this 15 acre tract of land is mostly covered by a pond surrounded by a narrow band of marsh. But, I could also argue that the foot path shows consideration for the wildlife because humans made sure to walk in the same place every time they visit rather than trampling around anywhere they wanted. However, not all human interactions have to be negative. Final Post. The pond has been refilled with water, and oak leaves are scattered across the surface like little orange polka dots. When Vermont gets an incredibly cold winter, like … Help keep our trails and parks open during COVID-19 by committing to social distancing. More often than not, people think of nature and culture as two separate things. However, as I am learning in NR 2, these two things often go together. Everything is quiet except for the sound of wind and the occasional squirrel scampering.

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