After that it’s anybody’s guess. Customers find Stone, not the reverse. Greg Koch is executive chairman & co-founder of Stone Brewing, the 8th largest craft brewing company in the United States. Koch was also inducted into the University of Arkansas Sports Hall of Honor in 2010. Greg Koch (born June 14, 1955) is a former American football tackle and guard who played eleven seasons in the National Football League, mainly with the Green Bay Packers.In 2010, Koch was inducted into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame. With Greg freed up from the day-to-day and looking instead to where to take the brewery next, he’ll be ready to rock out. Stone chairman and CEO Greg Koch stresses that his co-founder, president and brewmaster, Steve Wagner, is “arguably more responsible for our beers and the way they taste than I am. Greg Koch, the CEO of Stone Brewing, said his company has become said that Stone has since become the “subject of a vicious online harassment and smear campaign." “You can’t be afraid to fire a customer,” he says. Of course, in the near future, what’s in store for Greg Koch and Stone Brewing is somewhat obvious. Koch, his beers, their branding, all implicitly proclaim: We aren’t afraid to piss you off. The gig: Greg Koch, 48, and Steve Wagner, 54, are the founders of Stone Brewing Co., one of the largest brewers of craft beer in the United States. Stone Brewing's co-founder Greg Koch at the 19th century gasworks that was to be transformed into the first American craft brewery in Germany in … The brewery in Berlin should open in March of 2016, with the Richmond, Virginia one coming online shortly thereafter, hopefully in April. He was inducted in the State of Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame in March 2016. An avid craft beer enthusiast and world traveler, Koch can often be found among imbibers across the planet, enjoying and extolling the virtues of great beer. He learned what it meant to be a businessman from his late father, who owned an auto-interior manufacturing company in Ohio, where Koch grew up. In little more than ten years, the Stone Brewing Company has grown from a two-man, stovetop, pilot operation into a nasty, snarling beast of a craft brewery.

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