For my chickens, I like to have more than one source of water. Panting or fanning out their feathers helps to release some of that heat. This post may contain affiliate links. Finally, cool treats like watermelon, frozen fruits and veggies are not only yummy but will help to cool them down as well. Stagnant air is bad any time of the year, so clean your vents and keep windows and doors free from debris. This in no way affects your price. Need some help getting ready for Thanksgiving this year? Goats love to play and it’s comical to see them dunking for cubes while they are drinking. Now I am teaching others how to do the same. Chickens are forgetful, especially when scratching for bugs and worms. No more fence itching! You might consider air conditioning for the barn. I do one side at a time so it does take a few days to get everyone done but this will really do a lot to keep them cool. Oh, my poor pig. And lots of shade. She has raised dairy goats, meat goats, and fiber goats. Some people make misters for their goats. How To Keep Animals Cool In Hot Weather Keep Pigs Cool. By suspending fans from the ceilings you will help with air flow which is incredibly important in a stuffy barn. You can read my full disclosure statement. Assessed 19 July 2019. […]. If a goat can’t stop panting, stops eating and drinking, and can’t get up, it may be suffering from heat stress. Birthing, Weaning, and Raising Young Sheep, Larsen Poultry Ranch - homesteading journey. Sometimes it is necessary to call in back up. Having a nice layer of cool mud really helps to cool them down and also protects them from sunburn. We also keep our pigs in the coolest section of the barn that gets the least amount of sun. Change out warm water several times on a very hot day. You can use a tarp, sheet of plywood or anything that will provide some sort of relief. At least weekly wash out your water bowls, jugs, or buckets. It is important to make sure your hens have a shady area available. If you choose this way of feeding it is important to monitor the level of feed inside daily to be sure they are eating enough. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. As with all animals, water is the key to keeping cool. Sudden cold water on a hot pig’s head can cause shock or even death so please be extra careful. She is warm on a cool day, so when it’s hot we do our best to keep her cool in the summer heat. You must log in or register to reply here. Goats can be incredibly picky and will not drink water if it is dirty, warm, or stale. We used to use inexpensive box fans but have found that better quality barn fans do a much better job. There is water inside of the coop, one inside of their run and another outside under a shade tree if they are free ranging that day. I keep mine slick shaved in the summer. I know I am probably worrying to much but that is what I do best. Heat stress can kill an animal quickly, so be aware of any changes in your animals no matter how subtle. Many goat producers are looking for ways to keep goats cool. A few things to watch out for. You know it’s funny, but my goats will rush me when I come out with clean fresh buckets and drink and drink and drink. My bucks who are housed outdoors must have a shelter that will get them out of the sun. Heat can kill especially in the southern states so it is important to know what you should and should not do with your animals when you want to cool them down. If you have a favorite near your goats take the time to put protection up around the base to save the bark and your tree. Contact me, […] Lynn, Tracy. If you notice your animals are not drinking as much water as they should, you may want to clean out their water dish or water system. Maybe but if you want healthy goats it is incredibly important to remember….water, water, water. To make sure she is also eating enough we prefer to feed more often and in smaller amounts. Learn how your comment data is processed. Ad some ice cubes! JavaScript is disabled. Have you clipped them yet? Since pigs do not have sweat glands they are unable to sweat and release internal heat. “Simple Tips to Help Keep Your Animals Cool in the Heat of Summer.” Simple Living Country Gal.June 2019. I do this while they are eating in the milk stand and use my pet clippers (people ones are not quite durable enough) leaving the attachment off. The main tip here is to change your water so it doesn’t get too filthy (ducks are far from neat) and to make sure you have it under some sort of shade so the water does not heat up. READ: HOW TO CONVERT A SHED INTO A CHICKEN COOP. Not necessary, but I feel like it helps. … I am a redneck frugal living goat owner and I am working everyday towards living a more simple life. Access to fresh and clean water is essential for her and also helps to encourage plenty of drinking. Filed Under: Backyard Chickens, Dairy Goats, Homesteading, Hi there, my name is Tracy and I am a city girl gone country. The Trick to Adding a Rooster to your Hen House », 10 Ways to Keep Livestock Cool in the Heat - Equity Livestock Focus,, Acting loopy, walking in circles or stumbling. Thank you all so much. Wait for cooler weather before moving goats from one area to another. Please know that I only recommend resources and items I believe in and highly recommend. Caution:  If you hose your pigs down during the heat of the day always start at the rump and move your way up to their heads. Want to do just a little bit more? I just provide plenty of shade and water as well as keep them all clipped while it's hot. For this reason, it is best to change the water out a few times especially on hot days. Becuase of this, they are usually cool even on the hottest days. Then by August and September we usually put up a fan in the barn as they're panting anyway. Supply Clean, Cool Water. Sheep and goats … What did we all do before BYH? Goats love to eat the bark off of trees. With that being said, I still like to take precautions. Yes I know, it takes extra time to change the water out but this one small step can keep your animals cool and healthy.

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