I am playing around with some new ways to making a salve/ointment so it has a better concentration of the original alkaloids. Candelilla wax is derived from the leaves of a shrub native to Mexico and is slightly harder than beeswax so you generally want to use a fraction less in a recipe. Beeswax comes in two varieties, white and yellow but the white is bleached and processed so I never use it, it’s always better to stay as close to nature as possible. On Sunday I visited gardens in a local village. I looked up this site by searching for mixtures and emulsifying agents. Posted in Essential Oils, Home Remedies, Medicine Making Guides, Natural Beauty | 91 Comments, As always full of useful information and beautifully illustrated. When both phases have reached the desired temperature, remove both phases lowest possible temperature and thus enhance the stability of the final product. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hi Lucinda, Do you have any wax free vegan face balm recipes? Thanks for stopping by. fluids. I am making wax salve, with olive oil and bee wax with the same way as in the article. Remove the mixture from the hot plate and stir until congealed. One of the methods I am thinking of is using a wheat grass juicer and just pouring the juice into the olive oil, but the problem is that there is some water contained in the juice. This is my first attempt at making a topically applied healing ointment of sorts to aid in healing. Unfortunately we don’t have acapulco growing here so I have never used it. All the best, Comfrey doesn’t smell nice, so rosemary steeped in with the comfrey is good- the rosemary is antibactierial and, like garlic, anti-inflammatory. If adding tincture drizzle it in slowly now whilst whisking lightly with a fork. Many thanks, Dan. The cream without emulsifier recipe in the ‘how to’ section is very rich. Hi there, Most bases achieve their final consistency and texture several hours As I have no herbalist in the area just my oils which I love. Hi Justin, Suitable ingredients for a salve include many vegetable oils (such as olive, sunflower, sweet almond, apricot) and beeswax or vegetable wax such as candelilla or carnuba. An Unofficial Ointment Recipe 1. I: Oleaginous Base (White Ointment), BASE NO. Thank you so much for your article it’s starting to clear things up for me. ive been making balms and salve too. type hotplate; those hotplates heat at 125°C to 150°C at their lowest 10% or less will blend nicely. However, I have had some in the past that seems quite crumbly but it still melts down the same. Consuming with great care and consciousness is the best we can do I think, whether we are eating animals, plants or anything else. Are you thinking of a moisturising balm? should prepare bases #1, 3 and 5 while the other prepares #2 and 4. Simmer the mixture on very low heat for a half hour, then strain the mixture. I purchased beeswax and shea butter for my base, to add vit. However I found your recipes so good and potent. Hi Cyril, that’s great, I am so glad it was helpful to you. This will minimize "layering" of the ointment in the Lucinda and the whispering team hi and Happy 2013! I only make things for patients myself, not to sell to the wider public but do remember when pricing to include the cost of jars, labels and your time as well as well as the salve ingredients themselves. melt will still be fluid enough for adequate mixing but not hot enough Do let me know how your salve turns out, it sounds like it will be magical and a beautiful way to honour the memory of your dear cousin and friend. what can I say, I came across this site while questioning the same issues and there it was….THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! an ointment tube or jar. I do use beeswax but always try to get it from a local supplier that I know I can trust. i use jojoba oil, coconut oil, castor oil, shea butter and beeswax. The power of touch is powerful.

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