If you just so happen to be in the middle of remodeling your home, there’s a chance that you may have some spare slate tiles lying around. You’ve probably heard something along the lines of knives being ineffective tools for sharpening other knives. Benefits of Buying Handmade Products | All Yes to the Handmade, Best Handmade Candles are the Best Natural Candles (You Should Know), Wood Furniture for Home Decor (why you need them), Dazzlingrock Collection 1.80 Carat (ctw) 10K Round Cubic Zirconia CZ Bridal Halo Engagement Ring Set, White Gold, Size 7, 1.60ct Emerald Cut Pave Halo Bridal Engagement Wedding Ring band set 14k White Gold, 11, Kobelli Cushion Brilliant Moissanite Halo Bridal Wedding Rings Set 2 3/8 CTW 14k White Gold, 7, Ariat Men's Rambler Wide Square Toe Western Cowboy Boot, Earth/Brown Bomber, 10 M US, Ariat Men's Groundbreaker Boot, Brown, 11.5 D US, Ariat Women's Fatbaby Heritage Dapper Western Cowboy Boot, Royal Chocolate/Fudge, 9 M US. Throughout this article, we’ve talked about how effective rough surfaces can be for the purposes of sharpening knives. If you have multiple shovels to choose from, pick the one made out of the strongest material as that will deliver the best results. Since we’re using broken glass here, I would advise you to first put on your thickest pair of gloves just to make sure that no shards wound you. There are several commercial options available, including diamond stones, ceramic stones, and whetstones. Take your knife next and position it at a 10-degree angle again. This is a bit lengthy process but if done correctly, it can be really useful at desperate times. The best part is that sharpening a knife using another knife isn’t even that hard to do. Manual knife sharpeners typically have more than one sharpening slot and you will see that they are labeled according to their level of coarseness. That rough surface typically found at the bottom of most coffee mugs is what you can use for sharpening the knife. Because it’s so handy, you may instinctively think to hold the nail file in your hand while sharpening the knife. Complete one stroke with one side of the blade, then flip it over and complete one stroke with the other side. You can use your belt or any kind of leather strap to hone your knife. Honestly, I bought into that idea for a long time as well because it just seemed like all you would accomplish is to damage two knives instead of sharpening one. Run through the length of the blade going from the tip to the base. Lay the paper on a flat surface and keep rubbing your blade with it. On this very ground, it matters much that you know how to sharpen a pocket knife without a stone. Then how do we use a knife to hone another knife? Leather straps are extremely effective for the maintenance sharpening method. Best Wooden Puzzles | Solid Handmade Gems That You Must Own! Gently strike the nail file with it, but remember to move the edge of the knife away from you. Just wash those slate tiles thoroughly and they should be good to go. Strike the back of the sharpening knife with the one in your dominant hand and remember again to work from the tip to the base. If you want to make sure that the sandpaper does not move around while you’re using it, you can even glue or staple it to the solid object. Cardboard Can also Be Used for Knife Maintenance, 7. If you’re thinking about using a spare glass bottle at home, you can make the sharpening process easier by first slicing the bottle down to size using a glass cutter. Let’s cut this crap and come straight to the point. When you take the time to think about it though, the blade of the shovel is just another tough object with a rough surface, so obviously, it can be used for sharpening your knife. Required fields are marked *. With the knife angled correctly, stroke it along the edge of the shovel. Instead, just lay the nail file down on any solid surface and even place some cloth underneath it to keep it in place. You need to be very cautious though, as the broken edges will not be polished at all. So, open up your car window halfway, see those rough edges? 4. The sandpaper or an emery board makes an excellent improvised knife sharpener. I have a garden in my lobby. Repeat the same sharpening process, but work the other side of the knife this time. Best Handmade Gifts | Makes You Special Among Your Friends! Leather Belts Are Great for Knife Maintenance, 10. That means lubricating it properly and you can do that by soaking the slate tile in some water. Tweak the positioning of the sharpening knife to get it at a 10-degree angle. We’re operating under the assumption that you’ve already cleaned the slate tiles, so you can now proceed to prepping them for the sharpening process. Hold on! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For starter, you would always need a sharp pocket knife while camping in the countryside, hunting or fishing and so on. Go ahead and start moving the edge of the knife across the broken glass. And 10 Other Methods, How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife without a Stone. And of course, do not forget to hone both sides of the blade. As it turns out though, knives can absolutely be used to sharpen other knives. Continue doing this until the edges are suitably sharp and remember to rinse before you store the knives away. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. To avoid this issue, take the buckle of the belt and then hang it from a higher nail or hook. Just bury it deep enough so that it can hold steady. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Now, it’s time to learn more about how this household item can be used for honing the blade of your trusty pocket knife. © 2019 handscreativity.com, All Rights Reserved. Find a piece of stone of convenient size and shape. But I have a lot of hobbies. You can always use the roughness of sandpaper to sharpen your knife. Place the mug upside down on a hard and stable surface where it’s not going to slip around. Start from the tip of the knife and pull it horizontally towards you while making sure that the blade remains in contact with the sharpener. Let’s say you’re walking through a forest searching for something that can be used to sharpen your dull pocket knife and the only noteworthy things you’re stumbling across are discarded bottles, does that mean that you are stuck with your dull knife? The rough surface should be facing up. For the answer to that question, you just have to check underneath. The potential issue with using a brick as a makeshift whetstone is that it can be too rough, to the point that it may damage your knife rather than sharpen it. Remember to wash the knife after you’re done. It got to be cool when we are talking about bro-code between knives. You don’t even need a sharpening stone to do that. Assuming that you’ve already checked and that your car window does indeed have a rough edge useful for sharpening a knife, you can roll it halfway down or up depending on its initial position. RoverTac Pocket Knife UPGRADED Multitool with Sheath and Safety Locking Blade Handy Gifts for Men... Kershaw Clash Pocket Knife, Black Serrated (1605CKTST); 3.1” Stainless Steel Blade with... Steinbrucke Tactical Knife Spring Assisted Opening Pocket Knife Folding Stainless Steel 8Cr13Mov... KINGMAX Pocket Knife,Multitool Tactical Knife with Blade,Saw, Plier, Screwdriver, Bottle... Pocket Knife Spring Assisted Folding Knives - Military EDC USMC Tactical Jack Knifes - Best Camping... Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife (Red). However, if the edge of your car window is on the rough side, then you can go ahead and try out this method. Your email address will not be published. The topmost edge of a car window is not as polished as the rest of the window where you can look through. Then run your blade across that ceramic edge of the mug. From here, you know what to do. That pocket knife you’re taking outdoors has to be in peak working condition, which means that it has to be as sharp as it can possibly be. I’m going to show you the way I learned how to sharpen a pocket knife. A manual knife sharpener is more than suitable for the job. The broken edge of the glass bottle is rough. We do partially agree with this. However, you must avoid that at all costs unless you want to put yourself at significant risk for injury. Work your way down from the tip of the knife down to the base. Once again, it is the rough surface provided by the nail file that will be helpful to you when you need a knife sharpened. Steps 1. Avoid that issue by finding a brick that does not feel exactly like a stone when you run your hands across it. Wash the knife thoroughly after sharpening to get rid of any foreign materials.

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