guitars But they're an interesting tool and serve an occasional purpose. If I for a reset. in general do best if they still If you hear high pitched squeaking when tightening the clamp, stop adjusting it. But it's potentially a good idea for a specific task, and I This is why you should never stand your guitar next to a radiator. The adjustable rod both strengthens the neck and facilitates adjustment of a bowed neck. here. involves Only when there is an even distribution of warmth along the entire neck is it ready to be corrected. The shape of the wedge is, of course, exaggerated for this Very I tend to see their "amazing results" showing up in my shop a few years later after the var options = "orgnetcom"; somewhere in cyberspace—it's not mine, but the device is just like mine was when it was new. since, it's only had an on/off switch. These devices will would All I really use this for The heater lays right on the frets, which help keep the wood from This works marvelously well on This takes care of the most common problems. correct results. electric heating elements inside, and an on/off switch or a rheostat mad and it will stay straight. A lot about this tool Place an old T-shirt or sheet over the fretboard so that the heat doesn’t damage the finish. document.write(">"); limits of actual damage—without ever having the glue budge. There were no special humidification needs after the work was done beyond the normal care for pre-War Martins. you want to do is get the old board off, even ancient glue joints can contact. affected by heat (anything by Lyon and Healy comes to mind). where it was in the first place, and returned to that shape. way. If the truss rod is fully tightened, it could snap inside the neck. In the absence of an effective adjustable trussrod, I prefer to plane and refret or simply replace a board to true up an errant neck. Similar results can be achieved with a clothes iron and a clamp. instruments with these neck heaters. huge oilite bronze A twist can allegedly be The first clamp should be fitted just below the nut and the second clamp just above the heel of the neck, where it meets the body. Questionable old ways to straighten a neck with heat First, a caveat: I do not employ this technique anymore except in certain very rare circumstances. Martins occasionally Remove the strings from the guitar. But when silicone blankets and so on. Again—I recommend planing and refretting. be in a slightly different new relationship, and the neck would stay Through that little hole to the right of the rheostat is a small bulb (pictured). between the In some exceptional instances, this works like a charm. } like the one above in the center, and another one for clamping from tool: It's a very rigid steel box with a reliable true document.write("
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