Following injury into the myocardium, such happen in acute myocardial infarction; CK is release from infected myocardial cells. Routine Liver Blood Tests As many medications and prescriptions are known to cause liver damage, these lab tests are often part of routine monitoring for patients that are taking such medications. Liver function test normal ranges for blood protein are slightly varies in male, female and children. Heartburn after eating causes, symptoms, relief & treatment, Chest pain in women causes, symptoms- left & upper chest pain, pulmonary heart or vascular disease symptoms, causes & treatment, Hepatitis a, b & c causes, symptoms & treatment, Liver function tests or lft-liver function blood tests, what is the function of liver-elevated liver functions, Psoriasis of the liver- signs, symptoms, pictures & treatment, Kidney Pain after Drinking Alcohol- left and right kidney pain, inflamed liver causes, symptoms, treatment & diet, Human heart diagram, anatomy, picture, valves & arteries, cyanotic heart disease-cyanotic congenital heart disease, Heart healthy diet, foods, recipes & plan, Chronic pain management techniques, clinics & treatment. This enzyme which plays an important role in processing to protein that found in the muscle, liver, heart and kidneys. Alpha-1 globulin normal range is 0.1 to 0.3 g/dL. Liver function tests (LFTs) are a panel of blood markers (Table 1) used to assess and monitor several diseases. Normal liver function test values for albumin are between 35-50 g/L. Mild abnormalities in liver-related tests may warrant repeat testing before a more extensive workup is initi-ated. Normal liver function test values for for ALT are less than 36U/L and for AST are less than 42U/L. Abnormal liver function tests results alert health expert as they are a strong signal that the person is suffering from several kinds of medical condition that can cause liver damage of liver inflammation. Liver function test normal range for liver enzyme is given below: It is formally known as glutamate oxaloacetate transaminase. Albumin. This condition is also well known as the stomach acid reflux and this disease commonly known […], Chest pain in women normally happens due to several heart diseases especially coronary heart diseases. GGT test is so much sensitive and its level also increases due to different drugs, such as alcohol, and even when liver disease in much minimal. Required fields are marked *, 851 E. Tropicana Avenue Las Vegas (702) 895-3174 Grid Style Submit A healthy liver manufactures plenty of albumin and falling levels of blood albumin show deteriorating liver function. Normal range is 20 to 32g/L or 2 to 3.2g/dL. ALT levels are very high with acute hepatitis. GGT level has been use to diagnose chronic alcohol abuse. Substituting the healthy range values for normal range value will therefore need to be carefully addressed in the future. Normal ranges may also vary depending on the laboratory. Liver function test normal ranges for total bilirubin The normal range for total bilirubin in blood is 0 to 20 umol/L or 0.174 to 1.04 mg/dL. Normal liver function test values for bilirubin are quoted as less than 20 umol/L. 8 to 61 U/L 8. Normal liver function test values also help monitor your response to drugs and other treatments. Low or high liver function test values are indicates some problems with liver function, liver disease or liver infection, stress on liver due to any medication or liver inflammation. We can measure the bile pigment in blood by this result. creatine kinase activity reaches maximum after twelve to twenty four hours and it fall back into normal range after three to four days. Levels are normally higher in men. There are many different types of this enzyme found in the body in the liver, bone and placenta so elevated levels may be due to a problem outside the liver such as a malignancy (cancer).

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