I have several bus ideas that could taken on by a local independent or even a big regional operator. 2.07 TIX. But not all card disadvantage is the same. on October 30, 2019 Breaking News Counter target spell with converted mana cost 1. Services 24, 24A & 24B: These Services Would Provide a Combined 10 Minute Frequency Between Heworth, Concord, Washington Galleries, Penshaw Monument, Hastings Hill, The Broadway, Royal Hospital, Sunderland, Grangetown, Ryhope, New Seaham & Seaham. Related Articles. Breaking News Commander Legends is a Draftable Commander Set Coming in 2020 By David McCoy . 0.02 TIX. $0.25. Mental Misstep is similarly free—all it asks is two life. Spending a card to stop a card is card disadvantage. We are all well aware that the mana curve of a typical Commander deck is significantly higher than those of many of its 60-card cousins. $0.23. )Counter target spell with converted mana cost 1. Naam: Mental Misstep: Manacost: Converted mana cost: 1: Type: Instant: Set: New Phyrexia : Rarity: Uncommon: Oracle tekst (can be paid with either or 2 life. Every single edh deck with blue that cares about its general should play mental misstep, no? 29% of 17 decks +16% synergy. This means that, on average, Mental Misstep will have fewer targets than it would in more conventional constructed formats. Mental Misstep. $4.49. Mystic Confluence. ... blue Commander control Counterspell edh mtg. Countering sol rings and tops are icing on top of having the most efficient stp/pte protection available. $2.60. Mana Leak. 29% of 17 decks +18% synergy. This is a decklist for a Xira Airen Commander Deck 1 Xira Arien # !Commander 1 Ant Queen 1 Army Ants 1 Assassin's Trophy 1 Beast Within 1 Beastmaster Ascension 1 Bedevil 1 Black Sun's Zenith 1 Blasphemous Act 1 Blood Crypt 1 Blowfly Infestation 1 Bojuka … 29% of 17 decks +13% synergy. EDH Recommendations and strategy content for Magic: the Gathering Commander. Mental Misstep. Mental Misstep has a few obvious things working against it. New Phyrexia Rarity: U Card Type: Instant Description: ({U/P} can be paid with either {U} or 2 life.) Players gladly go down a card to instant speed tutor.

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