Lewis's "Chronicles of Narnia" series. Lewis. The next installment of C.S. This is a quiz on the first book of the Chronicles of Narnia, "The Magician's Nephew", by C.S. The sixth book written in The Chronicles of Narnia series, and the first one chronologically, its events taking place before The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.. This scene begins in the end of chapter 8 and comes to completion at the end of chapter 9. Good Luck! Be … Then there came a swift flash like fire (but it burnt nobody) either from the sky or from the Lion itself, and every drop of blood tingled in the children's bodies, and the deepest, wildest voice they had ever heard was saying: "Narnia, Narnia, Narnia, awake. Love. Average score for this quiz is 7 / 10.Difficulty: Average.Played 672 times. As of Nov 23 20. Narnia already existed through The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, because C. S. Lewis actually wrote that book first. There, they witness the creation of the Land of Narnia, as it is sung into being by the Great Lion, Aslan. Speak. Think. What he had to do in The Magician’s Nephew was to explain the story behind the story and to fill in some of the gaps. Though The Magician’s Nephew is in the Narnian mythology is filled with wonderful images and fantastical stories the most astounding theological encounter in this book occurs when the reader watches Aslan create Narnia.

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