The amazing position of “nicht” – Part One. In this lesson I'll show you where to put this important word. That’s a good example why this whole sentence negation vs. element negation stuff isn’t really all that great, IMO. Youtube is now part of the setup so we’re basically telling the story of what happened between me and Youtube last night for the first time. Let’s go over the examples one by one. (But maybe another one!). While the rest kind of becomes scene. Do you see how the elements bounce around depending on whether they are new or just references? 2 …., dass ich nicht gestern in der Bar fünf Bier getrunken habe. But the further you move nicht to the left, the stronger the tension and the more clear the focus on that single element. Was it what you expected (probably not ;)? Let’s look at our park example, because there, we do have such an element, as we can see in the non negated version. If there is a preposition, put "nicht" in front of the preposition. at the ende of a sentence with verbs in simple tenses i.e. As in the Russian language, depending on the position of a particle, you can deny a single word or an entire sentence. Of course, don’t watch the Notebook in Brovember. In the intro I mentioned that the position of nicht has a lot to do with German word order. And this is just the same for non-separable verbs. And that focus is hard to justify. And depending how strong that bond is, this can just suggest a special message (the beer example) or it can sound wrong. (We are not going shopping today.) Another example: Du wirst jetzt nicht schlafen gehen. I’m pretty sure you do, so please let me know ALL of them in the comments. In sentence number one, the person who I am meeting is part of the main news. Das ist Anne!“ Word Order: "Nicht" comes before the proper noun that is … Under the hood, a German sentence consists of two parts. So it doesn’t create crazy tension. #nerdastic, what is gucci? Cool, now, let’s do a little recap. Because remember… everything before nicht is scenery. And Now, in this example, nicht isn’t THAT far from the neutral position yet. By splitting it away from the verb, we’re introducing tension and that has to be justified by some unusual message. "Nicht" always comes before the part of the sentence we want to negate. I did drink five beers yesterday, I just didn’t do it at the bar. The assumption: The side sentence structure is the REAL, normal German sentence structure. Anyway, it’s the key to …. Let’s take the next one. It’s different from sentence to sentence and really the only way to approach this of it is by using … common sense. And if we move it away from there, we’re creating tension that might lead to one specific element becoming the focus of the negation or … to a sentence that sounds weird or wrong. Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. And that story is, I didn’t watch it. Word Order: "Nicht" comes before the pronoun that is negated. All we can do now is look at examples. This sentence establishes Maria and her dog. The name of the dog really is Bellyfrog Junior. Most people think, that the standard position for the verb is the second one. Maybe the bar has a wide selection of beers and I tried all except those certain five beers. In the second one, the scene is me at a bar, and I DIDN’T drink five beers. You see, having Youtube as part of the scene and then have what I did with it not be to watch is just rare. Word Order: "Nicht" goes at the end of the sentence. And also, I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Now the camera is behind me showing the back of my head and the screen with a scene of the movie The Notebook … erm… I mean Fast and Furious. Example: Er schläft nicht. AND that they are directed toward the park in some way, because that is established by the Accusative in the phrase in den Park. We can understand the sentence as telling us what she does (“going to the park with her dog“) or we can understand it as telling us what she does with her dog (“go to the park“). Well, if we have one of those elements and we move nicht left, past it, then this element becomes part of the main message. So most of the time people will call it “wrong” because the tension and focus is not justified. or in short  T.A.M.P.O.N. 3. This is NOT element negation because there isn’t enough tension, and thus not enough focus on one element. Today we will talk about the place of “nicht” in German sentence. Word Order: If there is a 2nd verb in the sentence (i.e. When to use nicht. Word Order: "Nicht" comes before the article/possessive pronoun (rare and almost always combined with "sondern"). Oh and of course will use the. Did that make sense to you? But as soon as we move it into what is clearly the scene, THAT’S when we create focus. Here’s an example that’ll make the whole dynamic really obvious. Poor doggy. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Here it is important to be oriented to the Russian language. The neutral position for nicht would be before Youtube then, and so by putting nicht in front of for the first time, we’ve moved it into scene-land. What we need is an understanding of the core dynamic of a German sentence and we need to trust our … here it comes… intuition. Each sentence consists of a setup, usually the protagonist, references to stuff that has been part of the conversation and time and place, followed by the news. Cool. vague stuff that can belong to either side, German Sentence Structure – Main Sentences, German Main Sentences 2 – The Beginning and the End, The Box Model – a tool for sentence structure. This includes the verb and all elements that are “defining” for it in that sentence. What we’ll do now is move nicht left and right in these examples and see what happens. This is not really wrong, but it is SUPER weird. Cut. It doesn’t really make a difference information-wise. And I know it seems like a daunting task and so far this must seem like a quite stupid way of explaining something.

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