The image above shows the bird inlays in the Mark Holcomb signature SE guitar. Greetings I'm Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. PRS Core guitars are predominantly cut using conventional CNC machines. The Custom 24 is arguably PRS’ flagship model, which has lead its Core range since 1985. In a 2017 Andertons TV video, Chappers and The Captain filmed an episode where they compared a £5000 PRS USA Core model with a £700 SE series guitar! I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars. It’s a wonderful instrument to play too - PRS's expertise making eye-wateringly expensive guitars … Made in their main Maryland factory, PRS’ S2 instruments are more stripped back than the core models. Buy are the expensive ones really worth that much more than the SE series?? For example, for many years, SE guitars featured simple dot inlays instead of PRS’ signature flying bird design. With modern PRS SE models featuring upgraded hardware and higher-quality pickups, there are more reasons as to why experienced players feel at home on a PRS SE guitar. This is a common industry practice, as these sophisticated machines ensure great consistency between models. In this blog, we’ll discuss the differences between each model, the price bracket that they fall into and some of the key features. PRS has a hallmark … Used in current Custom 22 and 24 models among others, these pickups are admired for their clarity and precision. Both the A20E and TX20E have a warmer sound while the A40E and TX40E have a richer tone The A50E and TX50E both have a brighter sound compared to the other acoustic guitars in the PRS guitar line. Favouring Fender instruments and Marshall amps, Elliot is also a pedal fanatic with a large collection of effects. But a few years ago, PRS updated many of its SE models to feature their trademark bird inlays, bringing them more inline with their US-made brethren. Paul Reed Smith Guitars ST24VC SE Standard 24 Electric Guitar, Vintage Cherry. Launch price: … Their ‘Treble’ and ‘Bass’ humbuckers are the most well-known, acclaimed for projecting a balanced, and ultimately, versatile sound. The Holcomb model, for example, features his signature Seymour Duncan Alpha/Omega set. Some of these SE signature guitars also sport pickups from aftermarket brands. Made with the utmost attention to detail, these instruments are built at PRS’ main factory in Stevensville, Maryland. Click here to view all of our Labs articles! PRS’s acoustic line is made in Asia and is all available for under $1,000. The Custom 24 offers clear, focussed humbucking sounds as well as Strat style 'in-between' chimey single coil sounds. At the start of this article, we mentioned that PRS has other guitar ranges. Not only splitting its electric guitar catalogue into different ranges, PRS has also introduced acoustic models and even released its own amplifiers. Although Fender and Gibson are considered the guitar industry’s two leading giants, PRS Guitars certainly aren’t far behind. This yields a brighter and snappier sound, giving notes a more immediate response. Now established as a key player in the mid-priced guitar market too, PRS has extended its appeal to a larger audience by manufacturing instruments in the Far East. Twitter: It features a 25½” scale length, where most PRS guitars only feature a flat 25”, along with Mark Holcomb’s signature Alpha and Omega Seymour Duncan pickups. The SE is basically an import version of the signature model, which means they share many similarities with each other. Representing their affordable side, the SE lineup encompasses genuine PRS designs that won’t break the bank. £5000 PRS Guitar vs £700 PRS Guitar - Are the Expensive Ones Worth It?? But today, even seasoned professionals have been known to use them. Fender's entry-level Strat delivers serious value for money. These high-output pickups make these guitars very suitable for modern metal, and it’s difficult to find an offering from the USA Core range that can compete. With its bird fingerboard inlays, dual humbuckers, carved top, 24 frets and ergonomic contours, the Custom 24 is considered a modern classic among guitarists. Lets find out.... For a long time, PRS exclusively used humbuckers in its guitars, however it has recently started to use single-coils in other instruments, such as the Special Semi-Hollow. But in this article, we’re going to focus solely on its Core and SE electric guitars. Fender Player Stratocaster. For example, in its first 15 years of trading, PRS crafted electric guitars only at its US factory. Featuring the popular CE24 model, these guitars give Fender fans a PRS guitar that is more akin to a Stratocaster or Telecaster. However, in recent years their 85/15 humbuckers have become a favoured choice. Facebook: The quality may not be as good, but this does mean that from an aesthetic and tonal standpoint – they really aren’t that far off the USA models. Currently, all SE models are made by ‘World Musical Instruments Co.’ in South Korea. Watch to find out their opinion: Interested in finding out more about music gear and expanding your knowledge? Located in Stevensville, Maryland, Paul Reed Smith Guitars is one of the world’s premier guitar and amplifier manufacturers. With many having flat colour finishes rather than Flamed Maple tops, these guitars are considered excellent workhorses. However, skilled workers hand-sand, fit and finish every guitar to perfection, making them feel like true works-of-art. Not only ensuring first-class tones, the materials that PRS use gives their Core models an exquisite look as well. It's Not Fair To PRS To Compare The USA Baker Guitar The New PRS Guitars Are Not Even In The Same Class . Having studied Music and Music Technology, his interests lie equally in both performance and production. While it’s clear that there’s an air of prestige associated with PRS Core guitars, the SE series shouldn’t be dismissed. We’re aware that there is a gulf between them in terms of their prices, but you’ll soon realise that these models are more similar than you may have originally thought. Pairing high design with top-of-the-line components, PRS has created the ultimate player's guitar… It’s worth mentioning that the PRS SE series encompasses the majority of the brand’s signature models. To ensure that their SE guitars can remain cost-effective, they are built in a factory that uses mass production techniques. Speaking of the Silver Sky, this is one of only a handful of PRS designs that features single-coil pickups. This is the same factory that Chapman, Schecter and Line 6 use to manufacture their guitars. Hello Ed The Baker is very cool it plays like a PRS pre-factory custom 24. But for a guitar that can cost 4-5 times more than an SE, it will make you wonder if the extra money is worth it. However, in 2000, PRS launched its successful SE guitar range. By implementing these changes, PRS Guitars’ popularity and market share has grown exponentially. The S2 series also includes original designs not found in their other series’, like the Vela model. While the PRS Core line also boasts artist instruments, the SE series has a much larger signature lineup. Lee & Rob For more info on PRS guitars go here - Although recently discontinued, the Paul Allender model boasted an active EMG 81/89 set. The bird inlays have also became a signature aesthetic feature of PRS Core guitars. Carving themselves a niche in the high-end guitar market, it’s fair to say that the company still prides itself on its ‘Core’ USA offerings. While the PRS Core line also boasts artist instruments, the SE series has a much larger signature lineup. From the proprietary pickups to the innovative tremolos, PRS guitars are built to satisfy even the most discerning player. Although the attention-to-detail may be lacking compared to the US-made models, these instruments still sport many of the features that you’d expect to see on a PRS. A lot of SE guitars also feature Mahogany bodies and necks, as well as Flamed Maple tops. Rob is plugged in to the Victory V130 Super Countess & Lee is plugged in to the Victory V40D Duchess Deluxe. Like you said the … This Korean-built mass of maple, mahogany and rosewood is a classy-looking guitar. If you’re looking for a PRS guitar for less than £1000, the SE range is where you’ll find it. But as its name suggests, it features 22 frets instead. And it’s clear that the PRS of today is far different to the PRS of just a few years ago. The setup and finish on the Core guitar will be superior, and the pickups will probably sound a lot sweeter.

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