Step1- Connect one end of HDMI cable at 'HDMI ARC' port in TV and another end at 'HDMI ARC or HDMI Out' port of external speaker (or Home theater / Sound receiver). Step2- Select your sound receiver as Sound output by utilizing the Quick settings option. Those are inputs or audio into the TV. Bluetooth is still a nice and easy option to have, though. An optical cable is also another way to connect your sound receiver to your TV. By clicking ACCEPT or continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Get Coupons upto ₹ 20,000 only on Samsung Shop App purchase, This site uses cookies. Home theater systems are popular for many reasons and one of these reasons is arguably the abundance of connections for transmitting audio and video signals to your television. Also, you may need to adjust the settings of your home theater system to activate the HDMI-ARC controls. And this means that if your home theater system is Bluetooth enabled, then this may be the best route to follow. Step1- Connect one end of HDMI cable at 'HDMI ARC' port in TV and another end at 'HDMI ARC or HDMI Out' port of external speaker (or Home theater / Sound receiver) We want to discuss all the ways through which you connect your Samsung smart TV to your home theater for enhanced sound quality. Connect Red (R), White (L) and Yellow (Video) cable at defined ports in TV and Set-top-box (Leave component ports Pb and Pr). Whether your product is in warranty or out of warranty, we're here to help. I have an old Technics analog receiver which I used for audio from my old Samsung TV. If you require help for the products purchased from US, Kindly visit Samsung US support section and for other countries, kindly contact your local Samsung Subsidiary. The most essential features you would always want to consider when purchasing a new television are the screen size, picture and sound quality, durability, and connectivity. Note: This help content is only applicable to the product purchased from Indian retailers. On the displayed screen, select the sound menu and then choose the sound output option. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. On most occasions, this type of problem usually occurs with home theater systems equipped with optical audio input functionality, but no built-in Digital Dolby or DTS 2.0 PLUS decoding capability. This feature is designed to limit the number of connected cables between your television and an external sound system such as a home theater. Sorry, there is insufficient stock for your cart. Kindly use 'Slim gender cable' if component port is not available (Refer below image). Thanks to the advent of technology, you now have a lot of options when it comes to connecting your TV to an HTS. To successfully connect your Samsung TV with an ARC-enabled home theater, you must first ensure you are using an HDMI 1.4 cable or higher. Next, select the input on your home theater system for you to hear the sound. For model-specific information about other possible connections and system settings, refer to the operating instructions supplied with your products. However, for you execute your connection using this procedure, your Samsung TV must have an HDMI connection input labeled MDMI-ARC. Connecting a Samsung Smart TV & Pioneer Receiver by rland0 Jan 17, 2016 10:12AM PST In November 2015, I purchased a Samsung Smart TV and a Pioneer VSX-1124-k receiver … At this point, you should hear the sound coming out of the speakers of your home theater. Note #1: These methods are good for getting any sound off your HDTV and back to your receiver. And if you’re really desperate, you can use your TV’s headphone jack to get audio back to your receiver, but you can forget about any kind surround sound at this point. Take your TV’s remote control and press the HOME button. After a few seconds, the display will change to "BT Ready." Digitized audio from the smart TV can be carried by the optical audio cable and this type of cable is also commonly known as a TOSLINK. With a quality Samsung TV at your disposal, you can play your favorite games, schedule recordings while at the same time connecting to more smart devices across your entire home. But what is HDMI-ARC? You will only need to connect your Samsung smart TV’s analog stereo outputs, usually referred to as RCA outputs, to your external audio system such as home theater. But making an informed decision will be easier once you’ve educated yourself on the subject. You must make sure that your Bluetooth device is active and is in the pairing mode. Copyright ⓒ 1995-2020 SAMSUNG All Rights reserved. Follow the procedures described below to execute this process: There is no doubt that Samsung smart televisions are among the best out there on the market. Option 3: With Bluetooth  (Good way to setup). With HDMI-ARC, the audio signal is capable of travelling both ways to and from the speakers, which will improve the sound quality and latency of the signal.Really it just means you don't need a second … Choose the pair and connect option, and wait for your home theater system to respond accordingly. There are many options available for you and we are going to discuss nearly all of them. After that, turn on your home theater system. So, what needs to be done to boost your TV’s internal speakers? Hello! This implies that if your home theater is receiving a 2-channel signal from your Samsung television, you’ll need to activate this feature. However, despite having commendable sound quality, most homeowners would always want to enhance the sound output of their Samsung smart TVs. We have provided you with four simple, practical and straightforward methods to follow. Samsung seems to have known what today’s smart home lovers want, and are currently head and shoulders above the completion, producing high-end smart televisions that are performance-oriented. Speak to one of our dedicated team of experts. For example, your HDTV may have an over-the-air antenna built-in that you like to use. With different options on your TV, choosing between PCM, bitstream, and Dolby can be confusing. When this happens, press and hold the source button until the display says "BT Pairing.". But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Next, select Sound Output, and then select Optical option. Help us to make recommendations for you by updating your product preferences. I just got a Samsung smart TV and want to output audio over HDMI to my older Yamaha RX-V1800 receiver. Once the soundbar is in pairing mode, use your TV remote to navigate to Settings, and select Sound. However, to proceed with this method, you need to ensure that your home theater is also equipped with the same Bluetooth features as your TV. Connecting your sound receiver to the TV with HDMI will give you the best possible audio. Select it and press the enter button on your remote to either turn this feature on/off. Digitized audio from the smart TV can be carried by the optical audio cable and this type of cable is also commonly known as a TOSLINK. If you are having problems, make sure your home theater system is connected to a power source and that it is not currently paired with any other device.

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