} else { It is illegal to capture or keep these owls in most Southern African countries, but the nestlings are easy to tame and they make affectionate, companionable pets. The incubation period lasts approximately 32 days. function scroll() { An adult pair is typically very aggressive in defence of its hunting territory, and one obstacle for an adolescent to overcome is to find good feeding grounds where there are no incumbent adults to eject or kill it. Typically it will return at odd intervals of a year or two, depending on local conditions. if ($(window).scrollTop() >= origOffsetY) { The female gives a humming call and clucking notes during courtship. Hunting & Food: The Spotted Eagle Owl feeds on larger insects and other arthropods, small mammals, birds and reptiles. Sometimes, even in conditions verging on starvation, he will tear the head off a mouse, but bring the body for the female to feed to the young, or to eat herself if the eggs have not yet hatched. These sounds they make throughout life, generally in a threatening attitude with head down and wings spread sideways to present their upper surfaces forward, umbrella-like. Its prey mainly consists of rodents, small mammals, birds, insects and reptiles. //$('.content').removeClass('menu-padding'); Breeding begins in July continuing to the first weeks of February. It has prominent ear tufts, and the upper body is dusky brown, the lower parts off-white with brown bars. Their calls are generally typical, musical eagle-owl hoots. The species is a non-specialised feeder, in contrast to say, the barn owls (Tyto) and is accordingly itinerant, remaining in a given region to hunt for a few weeks or months, then moving on when the local prey is no longer plentiful or easy to catch. It often swallows quite large prey whole, with much head-jerking, and if the object is really challenging, pausing and resting with the mouth full. Five weeks later, the young owls leave the nest. The male utters a fast hokok-hokokokok probably associated with courtship. The males usually give a double hoot, ‘ hoo-hooooee ’, which the female answers with a softer triple hoot, ‘ hoo-hoo-hooee ’. The male will hunt and bring food when the female cannot leave the nest. They have a life span of up to ten years in the wild and up to twenty in captivity. Generally the male call with two hoots: "Hooo hooopoooo" and the female answers with three, with less stress on the middle note: "Hooo hoo hooo". Suitably dismembered chicks, rodents, or non-toxic frogs make good food if available. $(document).ready(function () { Home • Contact Us • About Us • When alarmed, it utters loud “keeow”, and also performs bill-snaps. Spotted Eagle-Owl videos, photos & sounds on the Internet Bird Collection, Spotted Eagle-Owl webcam located in George, Garden Route, South Africa (Bubo africanus). var origOffsetY = menu.offset().top; $('.navbar').addClass('navbar-fixed-top'); Also, teaching them to hunt and not to fixate on humans instead of their own species is no job for novices, however loving. Display Sightings - View Map - Photo Gallery - Date & Location Report - Submit Sighting. The young at least have a whickering call of protest or annoyance when handled. Spotted Eagle Owl calls when emerges at dusk and dawn, uttering a mellow, hooting “whoo hoo” descending in pitch. Prior to 1999 the Spotted Eagle-Owl was considered conspecific with the Greyish Eagle-Owl, but now it is classed as a separate species. [2] The facial disk is off white to pale ochre and the eyes are yellow. }); Spotted Eagle-Owl - Species text in The Atlas of Southern African Birds. Prey too large for such treatment it will tear in the normal raptorial fashion, and it also tears shreds off prey to feed nestlings. //$('.content').addClass('menu-padding'); Female has lower-pitched call, rather dove-like “hoo doo doh dooh”. Male has double-note song “hu- hoo”. If you happen to be watching one while it is calling, you will see a white patch on its throat become briefly conspicuous at each hoot.

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