Very directional for a condenser mic. See More Reviews. WA73-EQ. I use this with a UA Apollo Solo and it sounds really good. WA273-EQ. TB12 Tone Beast Black. $499.00. Knowing this we went to great lengths to recreate the capsule from the original ’67, making sure that ours performs the same way, has the same frequency response and contributes to the same chewy character as the original. The MA-201fet is filled with exceptional components, such as a Jensen audio transformer, a military-spec FET, custom-designed resistors, and a hand-selected gold-sputtered … Comment Report abuse. TB12 Tone Beast Black. $131.73. AmazonBasics Professional USB Condenser Microphone with Volume Control and OLED Screen, Silver 4.3 out of 5 stars 328. The microphone is also encased in a beautiful nickel-plated brass body and headbasket, which provides strength, additional shielding from extraneous handling noise and the ultimate in audio performance. It features premium components such as the custom reproduction '47 capsule, TAB-Funkenwerk output transformer, a JJ Slovak 5751 vaccuum tube and Wima and Solen capacitors. Going even further, in order to accentuate and complement the custom capsule and EF86 tube, we used top-shelf components to complete our version of the original circuit. Bornigen. Aston Microphones Origin Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone Warm Audio promises the same “smooth and creamy sound as the original”. Microphone Preamps. Our second Audio-Technica mic is the mid-range AT2035 microphone. Foxy Tone Box. TB12 500 Tone Beast. This vocal microphone has become hugely popular with singers thanks to its focus on the mid and high range frequencies. Thankfully, Warm Audio has now changed that scenario with the release of the new WA-67! WA12 500 MKII. TB12 500 Tone Beast. Would be a superb addition to my small setup! Next. Last but not certainly not least, the quality of the 7-pin cable that connects a tube mic to its power supply is also of paramount importance - it carries both audio signals and voltage for the tube on different pins, which means that it plays an integral role in the performance of the microphone. 5. Warm Audio WA-67. Musikmesse 2017: Warm Audio clone another classic, introducing the WA-14. $60.00. Users of the MXL 770 report surprisingly warm bass and incredibly accurate high ends, which is exactly the range you’re looking for in a condenser mic, but that it lacks some of the depth and sonic character of bigger, better mics in higher price ranges. WA273. Other Mic Comparisons. Introducing the WA-67 Tube Condenser Microphone by Warm Audio. Quality Components Make a Better Mic The WA-87 features all discrete, premium components such as Fairchild FETs, tantalum, polystyrene, and WIMA film capacitors, and is rounded off with a Cinemag USA output transformer. WA273. Really high quality. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. Warm Audio WA-14 Condenser Microphone 4.1 out of 5 stars 4. The low-level output isn’t impressive. Guitar/Effects Pedals. Amazonbasics Desktop Mini Condenser Mic Microphone - Silver 4.4 out of 5 stars 151. WA-412. At Warm, we’re passionate about killer studio tools and we take our responsibility to our customers seriously. Read more. Verified Purchase. The sound and vibe of the original ’67 is recreated in our WA-67, and we take great pride in being able to make such a high-quality microphone available to everyone at an unheard of price. We went to great lengths to recreate the discrete circuit of the original microphone, using boutique components throughout to ensure that nothing got in the way of pure tube magic. Warm Audio. The ability to use multiple polar patterns and the level of clarity offered by the WA-251, challenges similarly priced microphones, such as the AKG C414 XLII. We used high-bandwidth polystyrene capacitors, as well as boutique polypropylene caps from Wima and a large output capacitor from Solen. The C414 is somewhat more versatile, but, when it comes to judging overall character and sound quality, we personally prefer the WA-251. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Rode NT-USB USB Cardioid Condenser Microphone. The MXL 770 is an affordable and versatile cardioid condenser mic with a large .87-inch (22-mm) diaphragm, high-quality FET preamp, and transformerless balanced output. uses cookies to ensure the best possible service. Warm Audio WA73: the vintage-est 1073 pre-amp clone possible? It’s not as … We are proud to be using such a faithful recreation of this classic part in an affordably priced '47 style microphone. The original ’67 became one of the most sought-after and widely-used studio microphones of its time, recording a massive collection of some of the most memorable songs of the last 50 years - we’re talking about classic tracks from artists as varied as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Temptations and Nirvana! (512) 348-6585 [email protected] Home. Amazing mic! Only 1 left in stock - order soon. WA73. Guitar/Effects Pedals. Its published frequency response is 30 – 20 kHz, but it’s only -4 dB at 20 Hz. The Gearnews Holiday Raffle, Week 2: Win a Novation AFX Station worth €430! Even if you stuff a microphone full of premium components, if the capsule isn’t right, nothing is - it’s that critical. WA12 MKII. Direct Boxes. As a result, you’re going to get great vocal recordings, as well as pick up on the most delicate characteristics of acoustic instruments. $799.00. The EF-86 tube is well-known in the industry for having characteristics that are consistently flattering to audio sources, and it’s one of the reasons why the original ’67 microphone remains sought after (and why some modern audio manufacturers use it in their own hyper-expensive microphones and preamps). The condenser microphone is described as a go-to choice for vocals, guitars, drum toms, overheads, piano, brass and strings. It takes more time and it’s more expensive than using multiple types of material, but we felt that it was critical to go the extra mile on this microphone. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. See and discover other items: small diaphragm condenser microphones, tube microphone, … Audio-Technica AT2035 Cardioid Condenser Microphone. Your email address will not be published. The original mics are still sought after, but they can command upwards of $8000 for a pristine unit, putting them far out of reach for most recordists. Warm Audio WA-251 tube mic: $10,000 quality for under $1,000? Helpful. Based around an EF86 pentode tube and having the same smooth and creamy tone of the original, the WA-67 excels at recording just about anything that you put it in front of, and it may immediately become your go-to choice for vocals, guitars, drum toms and overheads, pianos, brass and strings. The WA-67 is based on an EF86 pentode tube. It can handle a maximum SPL of 137 dB with its -10 dB attenuation switch engaged. 5.0 out of 5 stars I use it with a UA Apollo Solo. Read more. The solid-state brother to Mojave Audio’s celebrated MA-200 large-diaphragm tube condenser mic, the MA-201fet is built to the exacting standards of its creator: respected microphone designer David Royer.

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