Super-Ultra-Hyper-Mega-Meta-Modes/Scales Jacob Collier. F Lydian Scale. The lydian mode: If we compare it to the C major and C lydian scale below it we can see the difference. Ancient Greek Lydian. The boxes below show you the scale over the whole neck, as a 3 octave scale and as the 7 three note per string positions that link together to let you play it … A complete lesson and explanation with audio notation and tablature for guitar and all instruments. If you aren’t taking advantage of how floaty and positive this mode can … Instead it flattens the fourth degree, and that breaks out of the diatonic pattern creating the pattern of ascending melodic minor. The lydian mode uses the formula of semitones and tones: T – T – T – S – T – T – S Which in half and whole steps is: W – W – W – H – W – W – H Degrees of the lydian scale. The super-ultra-hyper-mega-meta-lydian scale is made by stacking lydian tetra-chords (1-2-3-#4). The Lydian Scale emerged in the ancient Greece together with other scales such as Locrian and Phrygian. Two relevant scales are the Lydian #2 (sharp two) and the Lydian #5 (sharp five). This is just one way to view the fretboard. You can use other positions, patterns, and chord shapes to play in this mode too. Extending lydian and locrian modes with the cycle of 5ths. As long as you use notes and chords from the G major scale and the 4th degree, C, functions as the tonic, the mode is C Lydian. I was curious to know if any of you have any examples of the super ultra thing in music, or know of any super … The Lydian mode is the brightest and happiest mode available in the major scale, as it takes the already very uplifting major scale, and simply adds yet another sharpened note to it. Also using the mixolydian mode. It looks a lot like the major scale with the exceptionof the raised 4th.Like I said before the raised 4th gives the ear the sensation of momentum, this mode sounds super modern. The SUPER LYDIAN AUGMENTED Scale is the 5th mode of Ionian b5 and is composed of the following intervals: 1,#2,#3,#4,#5,#6,7. But making Super Locrian from Locrian doesn't follow that pattern of flattening by fifths, which would add the flat on the tonic and produce a Lydian scale. If you stack 1-2-3-4 instead, what do you call it? The name Lydian refers to the ancient kingdom of Lydia in Anatolia.In Greek music theory, there was a Lydian scale or "octave species" extending from parhypate hypaton to trite diezeugmenon, equivalent in the diatonic genus to the medieval and modern Ionian mode (the major scale) (Barbera 1984, 233, 240). If you want to play a Lydian scale, play 1 to 1. Credit: Illustration courtesy of Desi Serna. Like we covered earlier the lydian scale is almost the same as the major scale except it has a raised 4th (by a semitone) which is an augmented 4th. Altered Lydian scales. Hey yc I recently watched a really great interview in which Jacob Collier explains the super ultra hyper mega meta lydian scale, a concept that really sparked my interest. The names were taken from regions or people – the Lydians once lived in western Anatolia.

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