As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The Difference between the Taylor GS Mini and the GS Mini Mahogany. Your email address will not be published. Like you, I think I prefer the Mahogony over the Standard, but it appears that the Walnut has a bit more sparkle and bite to it than the Mahogony while being similarly warm and punchy. So, what a great way to test between a guitar with a mahogany top and a spruce top. If there was a brightness scale from 1 to 10 with 1 being the warmest and 10 being the brightest I would say this: The GS Mini line-up now has 7 different models. That’s just a guess as a. I haven’t played this guitar tuned down and b. I haven’t played the Walnut version. So the question is which is best for her to start on but she will not "outgrow" any time soon? There is literally only one difference between these two models. Taylor has been perfecting its mini models for more than 15 years now – pristine portability, perfect projection, and perennial playability. This is very helpful to me (thanks!) They’re similar – with the Spruce version being slightly brighter. Those being: These guitars are great for a number of different people. While it's perfectly OK to experiment with different types/brands of strings (excluding the GS Mini Bass), to maintain factory performance and specifications we recommend staying with the correct string gauges as follows. This review will cover what the actual physical differences are and what the tonal differences are. 21 Guitar Playing Tips Every Beginner Should Know, Tips for Learning How to Play the Guitar and Sing at the Same Time, Acoustic Guitar Stands: Ways to Keep Your Guitar When Not Playing, Takamine Serial Numbers: What They Can Tell You and How to Decode Them. There is literally only one difference between these two models. It may as well be called the P mini for its perfection. Without actually having played the Walnut version, I would say that both the Walnut and standard version would probably have a bit more sparkle when tuned down. If you’re going to play, you best have a partner that sounds this good and looks this great! If you wanted to go for something a little brighter, then the GS Mini-e RW (with laminate Rosewood back and sides) would give you a bit more brightness/clarity in the lows and highs – if that’s the thing you’re going for. Which is that they play nicely, IMO. This is a welcome change compared to the plastic you would find on most other beginner guitars. Pretty-Looking Guitar. We greatly appreciate your support! You have 3 more acoustic-electric options to choose from GS Mini Series based on body material within the price range of $500 to $800 and variants are GS Mini Mahogany, GS Mini-e Walnut, and GS Mini-e Koa. As for its physical attributes, it is longer, broader and deeper than Taylor’s other mini lines, coming in at about 36-⅝ inches in length, 14-3/8″ in width and 4-7/16″ in-depth, making it as portable as the Baby but slightly bigger to increase the sound quality and volume. It’s got such a nice warm balanced tone, heavy on the mid-range (which I like) but still has a kick to it and is very responsive to a light touch. And that made us interested to do Taylor GS Mini Review. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Taylor Guitar NT Neck differs from other guitar necks by using one continuous piece of wood all the way to the 19th fret to support the fretboard which is standard smooth ebony and 20 fingered with dot inlays. It is uncommonly loud for a beginner’s guitar, probably could take its place in the hands of a professional being able to hold its own against an arsenal of Taylor’s more expensive, full-body, full-sized other guitars. The puffing on the top makes it stand apart from other competitors with its black-tie design that complements the classic rosette surrounding the soundhole. I'm thinking a 114 or 214 should do the trick, but that the others mentioned may be more affordable. Overall, this makes the GS Mini, a beauty to play, a siren to hear, and a guitar to treasure. It doesn’t even have that characteristic jagged noise that comes with most beginner models through its bass quality that may leave some wanting.Â. Both guitars are quite warm sounding and really at the middle range between bright and warm – with the GS Mini Mahogany being on the warmer side of middle and the GS Mini probably smack in the middle. Unseasoned enthusiasts also know the brand for its quality craftsmanship, innovative use of technology in building necks, using NT and their very own refined and sophisticated picking system, Taylor delivers; now even more so now in the form of the GS Mini, a touch above all other mini, beginners’ guitars. Scaled up and perfected while being inspired by their Great Symphony line, it boasts excellent projection, loud sound, and pickup options like its forefathers. The GS Mini’s magnificent pristine beauty compels any well-seasoned guitar lover’s appreciation, for both the melodic resonant sounds it strums and the physical clean, precise build and grace of the instrument.

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