The beginning of their END. In the end, An and Enlil seem to have repented of their decision as they are grateful that Ziudsura has preserved their creations. The first known flood story comes from Sumer in the tale of Atra-hasis (19 th century, BCE). The expeditions sent to Mesopotamia were supposed to find evidence supporting this view but found the exact opposite. Sodom and Gomorrah he also proves, showing the 95% pure sulfur balls (impossible naturally) that rained down and melted into the rock, ALL OVER these 5 cities of the plain which were destroyed y supernatural means. What surprises me is so much research could be done to properly vet the story and rightfully determine it predates the bible, then ignore or fail to mention the possibility it may also have been written about by a man who was born after it happened. To get the entire picture, the ‘Great Flood’ is present in nearly all cultures around the globe: Mesopotamian flood stories, Deucalion in Greek mythology, the Genesis flood narrative, the Hindu texts from India, Bergelmir in Norse Mythology, and in the lore of the K’iche’ and Maya peoples in Mesoamerica, the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa tribe of Native Americans in North America, the Muisca, and Cañari Confederation, in South America. Individual pages signify the copyright for the content on that page. In those days, Ziudsura the king, the gudug priest…He fashioned…The humble, committed, reverent…Day by day, standing constantly at…Something that was not a dream appeared, conversation…taking an oath by invoking heaven and earth. After, for seven days, the flood sweeps over the cult centers. is the real question. In Atrahasis, Enlil sends a drought, then a plague, and then famine to the earth to decrease the population and quiet the roar of the humans but, each time, Enki (god of wisdom and friend of humanity) tells the people what they should do to reverse Enlil’s plagues and they are able to go on with their lives as before. They grant him eternal life in the paradise of the land of Dilmun. Let them build many cities so that I can refresh myself in their shade. See the bottom of each page for copyright information. “Noah was perfect in all his generations”, is what is written in Genesis. After the…of kingship had descended from heaven, after the exalted crown and throne of kingship had descended from heaven, the divine rites and the exalted powers were perfected, the bricks of the cities were laid in holy places, their names were announced and the…were distributed. Other old flood myths are from Assyria (600BC), Greece, India, Africa, South-America, Siberia etc. The legend of the flood –better said the narrative— recounts the God’s intent to bring Earth back to its pre-creation state. The story of Noah is written in the Book of Genesis that is the first book in the Old Testament and also the Hebrew Torah. In 1882 CE, the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche published his work The Gay Science, containing the famous line, “God is dead and we have killed him”, alluding to the seeming triumph of technology and secularism over traditional religious belief. Once their friends are done with them, they will devour them as well. The concept of a god’s wrath – or the collective displeasure of many gods – causing catastrophic events was understood simply as how the world worked by ancient civilizations around the world. Cuneiform tablets, deciphered from the mid-19th century CE onwards, challenged the traditional view of the Bible directly in that they contained a number of stories, motifs, and symbols which appeared in the biblical narratives and predated them; among these was the Sumerian Flood Story, the first known account of the tale people of the time knew as Noah’s Ark. The British archaeologist Sir Leonard Wooley (l. 1880-1960 CE) challenged this latter claim through his excavations at the ruins of ancient Ur in the 1920’s CE. However, the truth is that the great flood is mentioned earlier in totally different texts. Ziudsura makes a hole in the side of the boat, and Utu, in the form of the sun’s rays, enters. At that time, because of preserving the animals and the seed of mankind, they settled Ziudsura the king in an overseas country, in the land of Dilmun, where the sun rises…[Here there are approximately 39 lines missing]. After An, Enlil, Enki, and Ninhursag had fashioned the black-headed people, they also made animals multiply everywhere, and made herds of four-legged animals exist on the plains, as is befitting.

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