Colocar a mesa em superfícies, irregulares pode provocar instabilidade ou, Não use a mesa para outra finalidade além da, designada. Use the stand only after assembly is complete. They offer the P125 in two versions, the 73-key version (P121), and the 88-key version. Placing the stand on uneven surfaces may result, in it becoming unstable or overturn, causing the. Dave Attach these brackets when locating the instrument away from a wall. This instrument provides an excellent graded hammer key action, realistic piano tone, and an optional furniture stand with triple pedal to complete the piano look. El L-125 es solo, para pianos de 88 teclas, y el L-121 es solo para, pianos de 73 teclas. Acople estas abrazaderas cuando coloque el teclado separado de la pared. Placing any object other than the specified, keyboard on the stand may result in the object, Do not apply excessive force to the keyboard as, it may cause the stand to overturn or the, Make sure the stand is sturdy and safe, and all, screws have been tight and firm before use. The Yamaha P125 is designed to give you all the experience and performance of an acoustic piano in a portable, easy-to-use package. pianistje #2726690 04/05/18 09 ... ($600 without stand), DGX-660 ($800 with stand), YDP-103 ($900, console), YDP-143 ($1100, console). - arc7urus, March 2019 Re: Yamaha P125. Veiller à ne pas mélanger les pièces et à les, installer dans le sens correct. estável e plana. Para desmontar, basta inverter a sequência de, • Não exponha a mesa à luz solar direta (ao ar livre, no, interior de um veículo durante o dia, etc.) Please assemble according to the, Assembly should be carried out by at least two, Assemble the stand on a hard and flat floor with, Use only the screws provided when assembling, the stand. The Smart Pianist app puts the control of the P-125 at your fingertips. teclado, o podría ocasionar daños al usuario. the stand. Assemblez le pupitre sur une surface plane, Lors du montage du support, utilisez seulement, les vis fournies. Equerres de prévention des chutes (2 pièces), Dieser Keyboard-Ständer ist nur für Digitalpianos, vorgesehen. The L125 is a wooden furniture stand for P125. View and Download Yamaha L-125 assembly instructions online. La présence de deux personnes minimum est. pour éviter, d'assemblage sont uniquement proposées à titre, d'information et peuvent être différentes de celles de, * Le L-125 est utilisé pour illustrer les explications et les, Les éléments qui sont représentés sur la figure. Antes de usar a mesa, certifique-se de que ela, parafusos tenham sido apertados e estejam, firmes. ilustración de "Partes del conjunto" . to prevent damage to the, Instructions are for instructional purposes only, and, may appear somewhat different from those on your, * The L-125 is used to illustrate explanations and, illustration will be used. Ein nur teilweise, zusammengebauter Ständer kann kippen oder einen, Stellen Sie den Ständer stets auf einer soliden, und ebenen Fläche auf. L-125 racks & stands pdf manual download. Es werden die in der "Bauteile"-Zeichnung, abgebildeten Teile verwendet. peut provoquer son instabilité ou son renversement. Si se pone el soporte en una, superficie inestable puede causar problemas y, caídas del soporte o del teclado, o daños, No emplee el soporte para nada que no sea para el, propósito para el que ha sido diseñado. ferimentos e danos a você e a outras pessoas. If you ask me about one lasting impression that the Yamaha P125 makes on someone getting in contact with it, it would have to be the ease of use. "I agree that the User Manual is very good." The L125 is a wooden furniture stand for the Yamaha P125. This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. I considered making my own stand for my son's P-125, but 1) couldn't find the exact dimensions, and 2) weighed the time and cost to just ordering it and realized it would be less costly just to buy the Yamaha offering. Siga las, instrucciones de montaje y seleccione las partes a, Esta mesa de teclado se destina somente ao, enquanto a L-121 se destina somente a pianos, instrumento é compatível com esta mesa ou, não, consulte o manual do proprietário do seu. The P125 is simply the most popular digital piano we carry, and it's easy to understand why. Dispor qualquer outro objeto na mesa pode, fazer com que o objeto caia ou que a mesa vire, Não aplique muita força no teclado, pois isso. secuencia de montaje facilitada a continuación. Bauen Sie den Ständer auf einem stabilen. Easily portable and extremely accessible, this instrument allows you to experience the joy of playing the piano on your terms. intitulée "Éléments à assembler" seront utilisés. Verwenden Sie für den Zusammenbau ausschließlich, die mit dem Ständer gelieferten Schrauben. Para confirmar si su, instrumento es compatible con este soporte o, no, consulte el manual de instrucciones de su, Estas precauciones tienen el propósito de, emplear el soporte de forma segura y evitar, Siguiendo con cuidado estas instrucciones, el. Made to work perfectly with the P-125 digital piano, the L125 stand gives you what you need: a sturdy, stable base, great playing placement, and attractive looks that match your keyboard. consultez le mode d'emploi l'accompagnant. Abbildungen dienen nur zur Veranschaulichung und, können vom tatsächlichen Aussehen Ihres Keyboard-, * Das Modell L-125 wird verwendet, um Erläuterungen und. If, not, the stand may overturn, the keyboard may. Bach BWV 816 The demonstration pieces listed above are short rearranged excerpts of the origi- nal compositions. To confirm, whether your instrument is compatible with this, stand or not, refer to the owner's manual of your, Read these precautions carefully before you, These precautions are to promote safe use of, the stand and to prevent injury and damage, By following these precautions carefully, you, will be able to get long and safe usage from, Please keep this manual in a safe and handy, Be careful not to confuse any of the parts, and, be sure to install all parts in the correct, direction.

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